Best Game Cams – November Rankings

Once a month we provide a summary of the best selling cameras during the month. This bestsellers’ list can help you in deciding which camera to purchase by providing you with additional information on what other hunters are buying.

November was an especially busy month. With the holiday season already upon us, many people were searching to buy an item for the hunter in the family. Especially on Black Friday, there were many camera purchases made. A camera is a great gift to give the hunter in the family or a relative of the family.

Because there are so many brands of cameras to choose from, making a decision on which camera to buy can be hard sometimes. Camera manufacturers include lots of different features in their lines of cameras. With multiple brands to choose from and multiple features to choose, making a selection can be frustating. This monthly update is aimed at helping you cut through all of the choices and see which cameras are the most popular and best sellers.

The most popular cameras are bestsellers for a good reason. Consumers have purchased them and found that they are good cameras for their intended purposes. By word of mouth, these same cameras become popular and they are purchased again and again.

One company that leads the pack in camera sales is the Moultrie company. Moultrie trail cams were the consumer’s choice by far during November. Moultrie’s line of cameras are  made with exceptional quality and all of their cameras are extremely durable. Moultrie is the leading company for game cams. As a bonus, Moultrie cameras can be bought at an affordable price.

For the second straight month, the Moultrie M-990i No Glow Infrared Mini Cam was the favorite camera purchased by avid hunters. The Moultrie M-990i is packed with lots of features into a handy mini cam. The M-990i is incredible easy to set up and operate. The M-990i camera is a top performer in the No Glow technology field. No glow flashes are not visible to the human eye or an animal’s eye. The No Glow technology is especially useful for wildlife observation since the camera flash will not spook the animal. If an animal or a person walked by a Moultrie M-990i, they would not be aware that a camera just snapped an image of them as they walked by. Since the No Glow technology is invisible to the human eye, the D-990i mini cam will work well as security camera. So this camera has dual uses.

The M-990i is a 10 megapixel camera that takes crisp, high resolution images and it also can take 720p high definition video with sound. In addition, this camera provides excellent images of wildlife whether in motion or standing still. This Moultrie camera captures brilliant images whether taken in the daytime or night time. The Moultrie M-990i is so easy to program that you won’t even need the manual. The M-990i is very durable camera that will exceed your expectations. You can read our complete review of this camera by clicking here.

This video clip will show you the quality of the images from the M-990i.


In November, the Moultrie M-880 8MP Low Glow Infrared Mini Cam was the second most popular camera purchased. The M-880 mini cam is an excellent performing game cam that operates like a camera that costs a lot more. The M-880 comes with an 8.0 megapixel resolution and a Low Glow infrared flash. The camera’s Illumi-Night sensor provides bright, clear nighttime images and the Motion Freeze feature reduces nighttime blur. The infrared motion sensor triggers the shutter to either capture a still image or start recording an HD video with sound. The infrared sensor has an effective range of up to 45 feet.

The trigger speed of the M-880 is under 1 second. The FastFire continuous shooting option allows you to capture 1-4 pictures per second. The Multi-shot option takes 1-3 pictures. The M-880 will exceed all of your expectations. You can read our complete review of this camera by clicking here.

The third most popular camera purchased in November was the Moultrie Panoramic 150. Moultrie has been the leading hunting camera manufcaturer for quite some time now. The Panoramic 15o extends their leading industry position. The panoramic shot on hunting cameras is a first of a kind technology.

With the camera is set to panoramic mode, every time the camera’s sensor is triggered the camera will take three pictures. The three pcitures which cover from side to side will be streamed together to make the panoramic photo. With the panoramic technology, the detection zone for this camera is extremely wide. A 150 degree field of view is impressive. But even the detection range at 60 feet is best in class.

The Panoramic 150 takes extraordinary pictures during day and night. As you might expect with a panoramic camera, the Panoramic 150 has a number of programmable settings. It has a range of settings from simple to complex. You can choose whichever setting you  like.

The Panoramic 150 has a wide detection zone that allows you to monitor more area than a standard camera. This camera also captures sharp, crisp images of wildlife in the area. Make no mistake, you will not be disappointed with this high quality camera from Moultrie.

View this video clip to get an idea of the image quality of the Panoramic 150:


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