Browning BTC 3 Trail Spec Ops Review

The Browning BTC 3 Trail Special Ops Game Cam is a game changer for those looking for a high quality camera to hunt their game. This is one of the best cameras made by one of the most reliable companies on the market. Browning manufactures a superior quality of camera in which the quality standards were set many years ago by the company founder John M. Browning. This company has years of experience in the camera field which even furthers the expertise and precision that was put into this particular camera.  Browning’s cameras and accessories incorporate a special ingenuity in their design using highly skilled workmanship. All of their products come with a one year warranty. What’s best is that it offers the quality of a higher priced model, with a price tag that is much lower and is certainly worth what you are getting.

Best Features
The first thing that should jump out to users is that the Browning BTC 3 offers an 8 MP camera. The days of grainy and pixelated cameras are gone, and with 8 MP you can get clear shots and images of exactly what it is that you are after. Part of that 8 MP is the option to shoot in high quality HD footage with sound. Overall, this camera offers more benefits and features all wrapped into one, easy-to-use camera.

With the output of your footage, you can get more visuals and information than ever before with the Browning BTC 3. This camera includes information regarding the time, the date, the temperature and the moon phase on each of your images. You can compile all of this information to give you better readings and understanding into the results of your hunt, which will help you in better outings.

There is also a Buck Watch Time Lapse Software that is included with this unit. This is extremely helpful when watching images from the time-lapse mode on the camera.

Previous Browning models already paved the way when it came to digital cameras for hunting. However, the BTC 3 compiles all of those benefits and puts it into one device that is easy to use and provides powerful results.

The feedback that you get with the BTC 3 will help you become a better gamesman. You can track information like never before and have an understanding of why animals habits are the way they are. This information can be used to find more game and make your experiences more enjoyable.

Incredibly long battery life that will allow you to continually take long-lasting HD footage, without having to worry about your unit dying on you.

There is a bit of a learning curve with this equipment. However, once you figure it out once, you are good to go and future setups will be much easier.

There are other cameras on the market that do what the Browning BTC 3 does. However, the price tag of the BTC 3 makes for an enticing option for hunters of all levels of expertise. This is a great camera and should be added to your bag of game equipment.


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