A security box for your trail camera is a must have item. After you have paid $100 or more for a game camera, you don’t want to see it damaged by rain, damaged by an animal, or worse be stolen. You can deter theft of your camera and form a protective covering from curious animals with a security box.

Game hunters that manage a hunting club on leased property often times will place multiple trail cams around the property. So, it is wise to protect your investment by purchasing a security box for your camera along with a security cabletrail camera reviews so that the camera can secured to a certain location.

There a number of security boxes available to purchase. Some security boxes are specially made for a certain trail cameras. Other boxes are generic and will fit several different types of cameras. We have found several security boxes and locking cables to recommend for purchase.

Moultrie m-990i Security Boxtrail camera reviews

This CAMLOCKbox security box is custom-designed to fit a Moultrie m-990i game camera. Coupled with an adjustable locking security cable, this security box will help to protect your camera from being damaged by rain and from being stolen.


Moultrie Game Camera Security Boxtrail camera reviews

The Mini Camera Security Box is an 18-gauge steel security box which provides a safe housing for your mini camera. This security box is compatible with the Moultrie m-990i, m-880, & d-444 series cameras, plus others.

This security box’s design allows you to strap the back plate of the box to a tree or other permanent structure and secure it with lag bolts. A security cabletrail camera reviews can be used to slide through the holes found in the back of the security box to secure to a tree or permanent structure.

In addition, a lock can be placed on the front of the case to provide further security for your trail cam.



Primos Truth Cam Security Boxbest trail camera

This security box is compatible with the Primos Truth Cam Series 35, 46 and 60 cameras. This security box will help keep your Truth Cam safe and secure. Once securely installed, the security box is nearly impossible to break into.

• Baked on powder coat finish
• Made of all steel construction
• Break Camo Paint
• Python Cable compatible