Cuddeback Ambush IR Deer Camera Review

The Cuddeback Ambush IR is a superb deer camera that will surpass most people’s expectations. Cuddeback has a reputation of being a leader in the trail camera industry. If you’re looking to buy a trail camera for scouting game animals on your property, or just capturing images of wildlife in their natural habitat or using it for home surveillance, the Cuddeback Ambush IR will easily deliver on all of these activities.

The Ambush IR is a compact camera that offers the performance of larger cameras. This camera is picture for use on trails and scrapes. The Ambush IR features Cuddeback’s legendary 1/4-second trigger speed and Centered Subject Technology.

The 5-second to 3-minute delay for images means more pictures of game and less blank images. This Cuddeback camera takes clear 5.0 megapixel images with reduced flash washout and consistently even IR illumination. The Correctly Exposed IR Technology reduces flash washout and provides consistently even IR illumination.

The Ambush IR also records up to 20-second videos to show game animals in action. This camera offers 120 MB of internal memory, accepts up to a 32 GB SD card. The camera is powered by 8 AA batteries and will last for up to six months or up to 10,000 images.

While the Cuddeback Ambush IR lacks black and white photos during night-time and the lack of a time stamp on your images, this is an excellent professional quality camera perfect for any application. With traditional, less expensive cameras, the trigger speed is much larger and you aren’t able to catch animals in the moment of their life. As mentioned above this Cuddeback trail camera can capture an image of a deer running at 20 mph.

Setup for this camera is simple and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Cuddeback Ambush IR Features

  • Image specifications – 5.0 megapixel color day Images and 5.0 megapixels IR black and white pictures at night
  • Trigger Speed is an amazing 1/4 second. This camera is so quick that it can capture the image of a deer running at over 20 feet per second
  • Flash uses 27 LEDs with 2 watts of power
  • Range equals 25 Feet
  • Storage is 120 MB of internal memory
  • Designed to take up to a 32 GB SD card




The camera takes images that are sharp photos. The battery life for this camera is by far one of the best out of all of trail cameras on the market. The Cuddeback Ambush IR scouting camera doesn’t need a flash to take pictures of game animals. In the final analysis, we recommend this game camera to anyone looking for a high quality and reliable game camera.