Cuddeback Attack IR 5MP Game Camera Review

Based in the United States, Cuddeback endeavors to design affordable and effective digital game cameras to help hunters improve their outcomes. Each camera is intended to work well but not cost much, and Cuddeback designs each model in the United States. The Attack IR five-megapixel game camera is an example of the durable and effective digital cameras Cuddeback offers hunters at prices that won’t impact their bank accounts.

Cuddeback Attack IR 5 MP Game Camera is a Cost-Effective Scouting Camera game camera reviews

The camera is a highly effective scout camera that blends in with the natural cover and won’t look out of place when mounted to a tree trunk. It also is available at a very affordable price point that allows hunters to buy more than one camera and set them up in different areas to get a better assessment of potential game in their intended hunting areas. Its versatility and ruggedness earn the Cuddeback Attack IR game camera generally positive game camera reviews .

 game camera reviews
Attack IR Game Camera Captures Sharp Images

Cuddeback’s five megapixel infrared digital camera works very well during moonless nights as well as during the day and can help to locate and take photos of game from up to 60 feet away. It has a powerful flash using 36 LED lights that can light up the night and illuminate any moving game. Getting a clear picture is done with a quarter-second trigger that helps the camera to capture even fast-moving game.

This game camera also has a video mode that shoots 30 seconds of video footage at 24 frames per second. Hunters can make still photos from the videos and better analyze any potential prey that might be captured by the camera. A 60 megabyte internal memory stores hundreds of photos, and a removable SD card provides more options for storing images and videos, making the Cuddeback Attack IR possible the best game camera in its price range of less than $200.

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Special Features Improve Game-Scouting Effectiveness

Many trail cam reviews emphasize the need for a good game camera to actually get pictures of game instead of photo after photo of nothing but woods with no animals in it. The Cuddeback Attack IR digital camera has a particular feature that hunters will find especially useful is the game camera’s “centered-subject technology” that makes it possible to see more than just a head or the hind end of a game animal as it moves past the camera.

With the centered-subject technology, the camera automatically adjusts the angle to center the subject and take high-quality photos. For hunters concerned about not getting a good look at game in their trail cameras, the centered-subject technology and lightning-fast camera trigger help to ensure success. If game is in the area, whether it be deer, elk or any other popular hunting prey, the Attack IR digital camera likely will get it if it comes within 60 feet of its infrared sensor at any time of day or night.

Generally Great Game Camera With Minor Flaws

With a retail price of about $175, the Cuddeback Attack IR game camera works very well for hunters who need to scout hunting grounds but don’t have a lot of time to do it. Ranked as a best trail camera in its price range, it does have some minor flaws. With only a 60 megabyte internal storage, SD cards will be needed to ensure the camera will work properly and not run out of storage space between visits.

Using four D-cell batteries, the camera can run them down pretty fast if the weather is very cold or hot. Despite minor setbacks, the Attack IR game camera is an unmitigated winner available for a relatively affordable price.