Cuddeback E3 Review

When it comes to hunting your favorite game, it is vital that you get good images that help you stay on their trail. The Cuddeback E3 camera is an all-around impressive trail cam that should be an excellent option for hunters. This camera comes with a 20MP resolution that offers a 1-5 image burst mode. This means that you can get a variety of different views.

It also offers multiple motion sensors selections, including during the day only, at night only or both. As for the type of pictures that you get with the motion sensor, you can choose between getting photos or video playback, as well as the option to add sound to both of these returns. With this footage, you can select a variety of different time lapse options, ranging from 10 seconds to 48 hours.

Another major benefit of the Cuddeback E3  Trail Cam is that it will display the moon phase directly on your photo or video. This makes it much easier to track game based off their behavioral patterns. And you won’t have to worry about readjusting the settings or the time for daylight savings time, as this is done automatically with the camera.

– A very large camera that offers a wide angle for you to see more action.

– The battery life is extra long, so you won’t have to readjust or change them to get more power.

– The ability to record and recognize moon phases and time adjustments is a helpful addition that you may not appreciate, until you have it included on a camera.

– Unfortunately, the Cuddeback Black Flash Model E3 would occasionally return a photograph that seemed a bit blurry. The video itself never seemed to be an issue, but there were some photos that could’ve been more clear. However, the majority of the photos are crystal clear and give a precise view of whatever it is you are going after.

– Attaching this camera to a tree or a post can be difficult at times. But onnce it’s attached, then you should be fine in a variety of different weather conditions. However, getting it in that position could be a bit easier.


The Cuddeback E3 Camera is a compact AA powered no glow IR camera takes color images day and black/white IR images at night. Great camera for all around use.

• 1/4 second trigger speed
• 24 no glow IR LEDs with illumination range up to 40 feet
• Zone Control motion sensing with user selectable
centered & wide angle detection settings
• Uses up to 32GB SD card (not included)
• Requires 8 AA batteries (not included)
• Operates up to 4 months or thousands of
images on a set of batteries

Whether you are heading out for your next hunt, or if you are simply wanting to set up a camera on your property to keep an eye on things, the Cuddeback Black Flash Model E3 is a great option. It offers plenty of benefits that are comparable to other units on the market, at a price range that makes it a true value. Despite the few weird photos, there are plenty more reasons to buy this unit than to skip out on it.

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