Jackies Deer Lures Covert Camera Review

The Covert Red 40 camera has an excellent reputation among the trail and game photography community. Its dependability and durability make it a top choice for enthusiasts of this activity. This camera offers all the features that people looking for this type of trail camera would want.


The Covert Red 40 is a standard red glow infrared trail camera. While the camera is ideal to use for photographing wildlife, it will not be a good choice to use for any type of home surveillance or security. This is because a human can easily see the red glow that is caused by the infrared of the camera, making it difficult to hide the camera.


This camera uses 12 AA batteries, which are not included. This enables the camera to function longer than cameras that use eight AA batteries. It is also compatible with the Nimh rechargeable batteries, providing a nice option for the user. SD cards that are a maximum of 32GB can function with this camera. This is an improvement from the 2012 model that only accepted 8GB SD cards.


The durable, weatherproof case is similar to the cases that come with many current varieties of trail cameras. The camera is constructed out of a high grade plastic that is capable of withstanding any elements the camera may be exposed to. The inside of the camera contains a two-inch color view screen. This is used to look at the pictures you have recently taken.

The camera has a detection range and a flash range of 50 feet. The quality of the pictures taken by the Covert Red 40 is quite impressive. Users have reported great results when using the camera under large amounts of thick brush and trees. In this type of environment, there is not much available light, making it difficult for a camera to take quality pictures. However, this camera performs very well in these adverse conditions. The user can expect picture quality that is clear, crisp, and with a contrast in colors that is sharp. It should be noted that animals that are moving very quickly will have a small amount of blur on them.

Pictures that are taken at night have a moderate shutter speed and a good amount of flash. This means that night photos will be bright, with a small amount of blur on animals that are in motion. This is a common thing for many of the current infrared trail cameras.

Set Up/Operation/Image Access

The Covert Red 40 is easy to use, so even the novice photographer will be able to quickly pick up how to use it. The programming of the camera is intuitive and straightforward. While an instruction manual is included, it will not be necessary for many users.


Most of the trail camera reviews for the Covert Red 40 have been positive. According to trail camera industry experts, this particular camera excels in many different areas. It also has no major weaknesses. It can definitely be considered a good value for the price.