Discover the Best Moultrie Game Camera

A game camera or trail camera is standard necessity for hunters these days. Like many hobbies and recreational activities, deer hunting has become a twelve month activity. With a good quality game camera, hunters can scout out their hunting grounds on a year round basis. By scouting their hunting grounds, avid hunters can acquire a lot of important information about the habits of the game animals that they pursue during the hunting seasons.

Game cameras can provide information on what animals frequent certain areas, their territorial range, the size and health of the game animals. With a strategically placed trail camera, a hunter can identify and follow that one big buck with the big rack for months prior to hunting season. This information will provide the hunter with the extra knowledge needed to track down that trophy buck.

When looking for a top of the line game camera, Moultrie is the place to turn. Moultrie has a wide array of game cameras that can serve your every game camera need. Moultrie is one of the best game camera manufacturers in the business. A Moultrie camera is recognized in the trail camera industry for producing top performing game cameras at an affordable price.

Whether you are searching to purchase a game camera on a budget or a trail camera equipped with all of the latest features, a Moultrie camera is your best bet.

Moultrie manufacturers game cameras across a wide range of capabilities and pricing. Moultrie’s line of game cameras include infrared digital cameras that feature low glow technology that are designed to not spook the animals when a picture is taken. The latest camera the Moultrie M-990i Mini Cam comes with a new no glow technology. Some of their other best selling game cameras include: Moultrie M-990i, Moultrie M-880, Moultrie Panoramic 150, Moultrie D-555i, and Moultrie D-333. Each camera has a different strong point, however, they all have the Moultrie name that always delivers quality.

Moultrie M-990i

The Moultrie M-990i game camera features infrared, no glow trchnology in the form of a mini camera. The Moultrie M-990i mini cam is a 10 megapixel camera that captures crisp, high resolution images and 720p high definition video with sound. The Moultrie D-990i trail camera also comes with “No Glow” nighttime illumination which is a new feature that provides bright, clear night-time images. This camera has four different operational modes that include a time lapse plot mode, IR trigger mode, motion detect mode and high definition video mode. The Moultrie M-990i has a built in motion freeze that reduces nighttime blurriness of photos. The M-990i is the most popular Moultrie camera for use in capturing images of wildlife in their native habitat.

Moultrie M-880 

The Moultrie D-880 mini cam is a re-design of one their best sellers, the M-80XT. With this new camera, Moultrie added the ability to capture high definition video, increased the night range, and added a fast trigger speed. Moultrie has really created a winner with this camera. The D-880 mini cam is an excellent performing game camera that operates like a camera that costs a lot more. The Moultrie M-880 game camera features a low glow, infrared, 8 megapixel picture in a mini camera. This camera features the same shooting modes as the Moultrie M-990i, however, this camera also has continuous shooting mode and multi-shot mode through FastFire. The biggest downfall of this Moultrie camera is there is no viewing screen to review pictures.

Moultrie Panoramic 150

The Moultrie Panoramic 150 game camera features a panoramic, 8 megapixel infrared picture. This camera has three motion sensors that allows for an extremely wide, 150 degree photograph to be taken. There are five different shooting modes on this camera including a time lapse plot mode, IR trigger mode, motion detect mode and high definition day video mode and high definition night video mode.

Moultrie D-555i

The Moultrie D-555i game camera is a spectacular camera that includes some additional features not included in the D-333 and D-444 models. The D-555i game camera takes a stretched picture similar to a panoramic shot. The resulting image is an extra wide angle 90° shot. This trail camera can capture images that cover twice the area of a normal camera. This camera features the four shooting modes of a time lapse plot mode, IR trigger mode, motion detect mode and high definition video mode that allows you to capture still images and video clips during the day or night. The battery life on this Moultrie camera is outstanding allowing over 24,000 pictures to be taken on 6 C batteries.

The Moultrie D-555i camera also comes with a built-in color view screen. As with other Moultrie game cameras, this camera records the barometric pressure, moon phase, temperature, time, date, and camera ID on every photo taken. The SD memory card slot accepts up to 32 GB storage card. In addition, this camera comes in a new camouflage pattern to reduce detection.

Moultrie D-333

The Moultrie D-333 game camera features a low glow, infrared, 7 megapixel picture. This camera has the four shooting modes a time lapse plot mode, IR trigger mode, motion detect mode and high definition video mode. On 6 C batteries over 30,000 photos can be taken.

The Moultrie D-333 game camera is a popular camera with hunters and land managers within the Moultrie line of products. This D-333 camera is loaded with many important and useful features and this camera is one of the best cameras to buy and stay under budget.

The Moultrie D-333 can be set-up to take multi-shot images where the camera will take from 1 to 10 images in rapid succession. Plus you can set it up for Multi-Shot, which allows your camera to take 1-10 pictures quickly in a row. The Moultrie D-333 also includes motion-freeze blur reduction technology reduces night time blur which allows you to capture crisper images of game traveling through the area.


No matter what kid of game camera you are looking for Moultrie has the camera for you. You cannot go wrong by purchasing a Moultrie camera because their line of trail cameras are all at the top of their class. Please take the time to visit our review of the best cameras to buy for using in scouting deer and other game animals.