Moultrie Panoramic 150 Review

The Moultrie PANORAMIC 150 Game Camera 8MP Infrared camera is a quality camera for its price range. It will not be able to compete with some higher quality cameras that are on the market, but considering you can find this Moultrie game cam for relatively reasonable prices, it makes it a great scouting camera for hunters not looking to shell out a ton of cash. It is also a great option for a second or third game cam for your collection. This review will take a look at how the camera works, the quality of the images it takes, and how long you can expect to run it before changing its batteries.

This Moultrie game cam is definitely a game changer in the camera industry. Most other cameras just capture images in one direction. So you have to be sure that you know where to point your camera to capture the images you are looking for. If the deer or other wildlife just happen to pass in front of a traditional camera, then the camera will take a picture.

With the Moultrie Panoramic 150 you don’t have to rely on perfect aiming of the camera because this camera covers a wide angle range of 122 degrees. This wide range gives you the ability to covering trails and other wide areas in the woods. The Panoramic 150 has several modes of operation that includes:

  • Panoramic mode
  • Time lapse in Panoramic mode
  • Video in high definition and standard definition modes
  • Still Image mode
  • Hybrid mode which includes time lapse during the day and still images at night

Our first test of the Moultrie Panoramic 150 was too see if it truly was able to take the wide panoramic shots that it claims to be able to take. After setting up this camera, I set off two targets at close to 150-degrees of distance and was impressed with the results. The camera truly does stretch from one side of my target area to the other. This is extremely helpful when set up in large clearings with a lot of open space. Also during this test, I was impressed with how quietly the camera rotated. If this camera were set up in a more dense area, you would not want to alarm animals as it turns. From my testing, I didn’t hear anything that would alarm an animal enough to send them off in a frenzy.

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Before I dive into the quality of the images, I want to reiterate that this is a lower-priced game cam and extremely good for what it costs. With that said, I was not as impressed with the quality of the footage as I am with other higher end trail cams. However, considering you can get this camera on a budget, the quality is above anything else I have seen in its price range. The reason the camera has its faults in quality is the fact that it shoots in either 16:9 widescreen or 48:9 panoramic. This is great for wide distances, but not as much for taller requirements. Depending on the type of game you are hunting, you may want a camera that is able to scan more of a vertical range. This camera will not be good for those needs. However, the 8-megapixel camera is surprisingly of good quality. As I expected to be pleased with my tests during the day, I was further impressed during the evening as the infrared camera truly does allow you to see exactly what you are looking at even in the darkest of settings.

The last major important factor about this game cam is the battery life. Although I haven’t fully been able to test it to where the battery has died, it claims to run for over 8,000 images on 4 c-cell batteries. And while this is a ton of images, finding and purchasing c-cell batteries can be a bit cumbersome. Although it’s not completely off-putting, as you’ll save enough money when buying the unit to allow you to stock up on batteries, I enjoy units that need smaller batteries.

Although I have grown accustom to using many of my more expensive trail cams, I must say I was impressed with what the Panoramic 150 has to offer. It’s not often that you can get into the sport on a budget, and be able to really make it worth your while. But with this particular camera, you will be able to scan vast amounts of area and be provided with quality images. For those looking to save money and keep in the game, this is a great option.