ScoutGuard SG565F-8M Wildlife Camera Review

The ScoutGuard SG565F wildlife camera has been around for awhile since it was first made available in 2010. The ScoutGuard trail cameras are manufactured by HCO Outdoor Products in Norcross, Georgia.

The SG565F-8M is a Long Range upgrade of the popular SG565F camera. This camera has some unique features that separates it from the most popular cameras on the market. Read the following trail camera review to explore what this incredible camera has to offer.

If you are don’t prefer black and white images taken by infrared trail cameras, the ScoutGuard SG56F-8M trail camera is the right one for you. This camera uses a standard incandescent flash instead of the infrared flash. With an incandescent flash, the ScoutGuard takes excellent color images during the night time.

Another feature that distinguishes the ScoutGuard 565F model trail camera is that it is programmed by a wired remote controller.

The ScoutGuard SG565-8M is made of high quality material and comes in an enclosed sealed case to keep water and humidity from damaging the camera electronics. The outside part of this camera has a nice camouflaged design.

The picture quality of this camera is better than most point and shot digital cameras on the market. Also its range of detection and illumination is twice the distance of most trail cameras and is capable of covering four times more area of the woods.

The battery life is an exceptional feature of this camera. The batteries in this game camera will last approximately two times longer than most white flash cameras on the market. In addition, the life of this trail camera is about twice as long than most infrared cameras because it does not have any moving parts inside of the camera.

  • 85 ft long range detection with a 73 ft flash range
  • 8 MP resolution that takes the highest quality color pictures
  • Daytime and nighttime Color images
  • Daytime Color video option
  • Color LCD viewer
  • Supports up to 8G SD card
  • Small, compact size, well designed digital scouting camera
  • Long Battery life (up to 3,000 flash pictures on 88 AA alkalines, 6,000 pic on Lithiums)
  • Quick trigger time (<1.3s)
  • Lockable with mounting strap, nail/screw and cable lock
  • Innovative remote control, easy to operate

The ScoutGuard SG565F-8M is the only compact white flash camera available on the market that offers both high quality and long battery life. Range of detection is 85 feet and lighting is 67 ft. Fast 1.2-second trigger speed. So what are you waiting for?

If you want a camera that takes great color images at night and excellent daytime pictures, the best choice is the Scoutguard SG565-8M. The small size and excellent camouflaged case will be hard to spot on the tree except for that big white strobe at the top.