Top 10 Best Selling Trail Cams in February

In this post we will provide you with the list of the top 10 best sellers of trail cameras on during the month of February. February can be a slow month sometimes for sales of hunting supplies like scouting cameras. But with the extremely cold weather that we’ve had this winter, many choose to stay at home and search the internet for deals on the best trail camera to buy.

In this article, we will list the 10 best selling scouting cameras in order of sales and then provide our review of the camera. We will highlight the best features of each camera and then provide an explanation as to why the camera is so popular.

RankImageProduct IDCamera NameUser RatingReviews
1best game cameraB00AP311JQMoultrie A5 Low Glow 3.8246
2best game cameraB00AP30RVEMoultrie M-880 Low Glow4.2247
3best game cameraB003PVGA1OPrimos Truth Cam 35 Camera4.0603
4best trail cameraB00AU6DSUIMoultrie D-555i Wide Angle3.599
5trail camera reviewsB006U0Z5FOSimmons Whitetail 4.167
6game camera reviewsB00AU6DQTQMoultrie D-444 Low Glow 4.093
7trail camera reviewsB004WQ1ONUDay 6 Plotwatcher Pro HD Game Surveillance4.072
8game camera reviewsB00AU6DWPOBushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Hybrid4.116
9game cameraB00AU6DZI8Moultrie Panoramic 1504.1103
10scouting cameraB00806KGY6Covert Scouting Camera Special OPS3.315


As usual, game cameras made by Moultrie take a majority of the top 10 spots. Moultrie is a leader in the hunting optics industry. Moultrie is known for making some of the best high quality and durable cameras available to buy. Moultrie’s line of cameras are priced in such a wide range that their prices will fit every hunter’s budget.

Moultrie A5 Low Glow Camera

The A-5 low glow camera tops the list because this camera is a budget friendly entry level type camera. This camera will provide the ability to capture good images at an affordable price. The Moultrie A-5 is an infrared camera that comes with a 5 megapixel resolution camera.

One of the best features of this camera is its low glow infrared flash is extremely quiet and will not spook the wildlife as the picture is be taken. Because the infrared flash is so quiet you capture images of animals that frequent your food plots and track their behavior patterns without disturbing the animals.

The Moultrie A-5 is exceptionally easy to start-up for quick operation. The night range distance for this scouting camera is 50 feet. This camera accepts SD memory cards up to 32 GB and it operates on 4 “C” size batteries.

Moultrie M-880 Low Glow Camera

The Moultrie D-880 is a mini cam that is a re-design of one their best selling cameras, the M-80XT. The Moultrie D-880 can capture HD video, has an increased range for night time pictures and the trigger speed is faster than the M-80XT.

Moultrie created a real winner with this newly re-designed camera. The D-880 mini cam has the features of a camera in a much higher price range. So you can really get a lot of bang for your buck (no pun intended) with this high performing camera.

The Moultrie M-880 camera comes with an 8.0 megapixel resolution. This camera also has the low glow infrared technology. The Illumi-Night sensor allows the camera to capture clear night time images and the Motion Freeze technology reduces nighttime blur.  The innovative FastFire technology offers a continuous shooting option that is capable of taking 1-4 pictures per second.

Like other Moultrie cameras, the D-880 mini cam comes with four operational modes that allow you to capture still images and video clips during the day or night. The four modes of operation include: IR triggered plot game camera, time-lapse plot camera, plot camera by day/motion detect at night and day and night videos.

The Moultrie D-880 mini cam is a top seller because it is affordable and this camera will exceed expectations because the M-880 camera is a best of class camera.

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Max

The Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD with Night Vision is perfect for taking pictures at night because it has 32 powerful LEDs that can take excellent pictures during the darkest nights. The Hyper Night Vision technology ensures you will get the brightest photos with the most clarity regardless of the lighting.

Bushnell is the industry leader in providing cameras with long battery life. This camera can last up to a full year in the woods without the batteries dying. With this exceptional longevity, you will not have to go around frequently change the batteries in your network of cameras.

The Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam is also capable of recording HD videos with full audio support. With this feature you can easily see what the game animals are doing while in your hunting area.

Moultrie D-555i Wide Angle Camera

The Moultrie D-555i camera is a superb camera that takes a stretched picture similar to a panoramic shot. This scouting camera can capture images that cover twice the area of a normal camera.

The D-555i camera comes with an 8.0 megapixel resolution that captures high-quality images during the day or night. The D-555i camera features a 16:9 widescreen resolution and records in HDn video with audio.

As with other Moultrie cameras, the D-555i comes with No Glow illumination technology that captures bright, clear night-time images. The Motion Freeze technology reduces night time blur to make images even clearer. The FastFire shooting mode captures an impressive 10 pictures per second.

Simmons Whitetail Camera with Night Vision (4 MP)

The Simmons Whitetail camera comes with a 4 mega-pixel resolution. This camera has a quick trigger speed, 32 GB of storage capacity and an extended battery life. With an astounding six-months of battery life this camera offers a lot of value and dependability. The infrared nightvision 15 LEDs are virtually invisible to game with a flash range of 30 feet. This camera operates on four AA batteries.

Moultrie D-444 Low Glow Camera

The D-444 camera is an 8.0 megapixel camera that takes high-quality 16:9 widescreen images and video clips during the day or night. The D-444  utilizes the invisible infrared flash technology to capture images of animals in an area up to 60 feet out without the spooking the animals. The D-444 comes with a FastFire shooting technology that captures up to 4 images per second with a trigger speed of less than one second.

The Moultrie D-444 also comes with four operational modes like other Moultrie cameras. The Moultrie D-444 camera is a clear winner in the scouting camera market.

Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro HD Game Surveillance System

The PlotWatcher Pro is one the highest quality cameras available on the market. While most scouting cameras are able to capture images in the 50-foot range, the PlotWatcher offers unparalleled return with over 600 feet of activity. This capability far exceeds other cameras.

The PlotWatcher also comes with an 8 megapixel resolution to capture high quality images and also has 32 GB of memory. For its unparalleled viewing distance and long lasting battery life, the PlotWatcher Pro is a must have camera for any hunter.

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Hybrid

The Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Hybrid leads the way with an incredible one year battery life and less than one second trigger speed. In addition, the Trophy Cam comes with a 8 MP resolution for high-quality full color images. For a more vivid viewing experience, Bushnell added audio record to their HD video mode.

The Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Hybrid also comes with a multi-image mode which allows capture of 1-3 images per trigger.

Moultrie PANORAMIC 150

The Moultrie Panoramic 150 camera has revolutionized the scouting camera industry. The Panoramic 150 is unique because it is the first in the industry capable of taking panoramic photos.

The Panoramic 150 camera comes with 3 infrared motion sensors that cover a 150-degree wide detection area. This detection area is about 3 times the area of a typical game camera! The Silent Slide lens rotates silently to take photos or videos wherever motion is detected, perfect for a field or open woods.

With the 3 infrared motion sensors that cover an exceptionally wide 150 degree detection area, we give the Moultrie Panoramic 150 camera two thumbs up and give it our highest recommendation.

Covert Scouting Camera Special OPS 

The Covert Scouting camera is a wireless MMS camera that uses an activated SIM card from AT&T to text photos to your cell phone or email address. This technology allows you to see what is going on without having to go to the camera and pull the SD card. The 60 Invisible Flash LED’s are undetectable and have a flash range of 60+ feet. The CODE BLACK is great for not only scouting wildlife but also for security purposes.