Top Rated Trail Cameras

There are plenty of different top rated trail cameras on the market today. Landowners and hunters have many camera options available to them to keep track of the wildlife roaming around the area and to get a sense of their habits. Here is a list of some of the top rated trail cameras that should be considered when you are looking to purchase a trail camera.

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Kodiak Trail Camera Invisible IR Camera

top rated trail cameras
This trail camera made by Kodiak is unique in its ability to supply photographs and videos over their smartphones. Landowners and hunters can do a good portion of their recording work from a good safe distance using this wonderfully mobile friendly device. In specific instances, being able to record at a distance will provide a unique opportunity to take a picture or record a video without spooking the animal.

Property owners can actually modify the camera settings of the device remotely, in addition to being able to receive the videos and pictures remotely, which can make all the difference in terms of their ability to use the camera. The audio capture and playback of this device is above reproach.

Hunters and property owners will be able to take great night-time videos and pictures thanks to the 40 Blackout infrared 40 Invisible IR LEDs. The installation set up and the picture quality have all received high ratings. The lack of a power cord may be a problem for some people, and they may find it somewhat cumbersome to use.

Overall the Kodiak Trail Camera Invisible IR Camera is an excellent device that will allow property owners and hunters to truly keep track of their surroundings from wherever they are.

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Browning Strike Force Micro Camera

top rated trail cameras
This game camera is one of the most highly rated of the top rated trail cameras on the market today, largely due to its excellent features a remarkably small size. The 100-foot flash range will allow people to record a huge portion of the area that they are trying to monitor. The trigger time is only 0.67 seconds long, which is astoundingly fast for products in this range.

While additional batteries are not included, the six AA batteries that this camera uses are going to allow them to enjoy a long battery life when it comes to this camera. Hunters can create HD videos that are up to two minutes long, and they will be able to get them with sound.

The time-lapse viewer software is just going to give users more options. Some people have sadly reported that the plastic latch breaks easily, which might be especially problematic for the people who are working in wet environments. There is also no USB cable included, which could be inconvenient when it comes to downloading pictures.

Overall, the Browning Strike Force Micro Camera is a solid device for property owners and hunters.

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Bushnell 12MP Trophy Cam HD

top rated trail cameras
The great thing about this camera is the fact that people can get truly excellent shots with it. Some people prioritize getting the best shots that they can, and this camera is going to be the device for them. The camera has a wide range of excellent features, all of which will make taking remarkably crisp shots possible. People will be able to get 1280x720p videos and 12MP high-resolution images with this camera.

Since it has a trigger speed of 0.3 seconds, customers aren’t going to have to worry about any major lag time. Its time lapse mode will give people more options when it comes to taking pictures and videos. The batteries that people will use at any given time will last them a full year, given the device’s excellent battery life.

Some people might find the camera somewhat clunky to use, but that still shouldn’t detract from its other excellent features. This is just the sort of device for hunters and property owners who have high standards when it comes to the quality of their video recordings.

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Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo

top rated trail cameras
Dependability is an important feature when it comes to all devices, but it is particularly important when it comes to trail cameras, which are going to be exposed to all sorts of elements along the way. The pictures that people will be able to take are all high-quality, and they can rest assured that this camera is not going to suddenly break down on them unexpectedly.

The reflex trigger is around half a second and people can generate one to nine images for each trigger. The secure lock password protection is going to make a lot of people safer when they’re using this device. The night vision photos are great, and noise isn’t going to be a problem.

Many customers have complained about the battery life that they are able to get with this camera, or lack thereof, and that some of its features more or less vanish at twenty-five percent battery life. However, this camera still works great as a security camera or a trail camera.

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Reconyx HyperFire HC500

top rated trail cameras
This is Reconyx camera that has been constructed very well and is going to prove to be very reliable for anyone in the field. The one-year warranty will certainly help, but most people aren’t going to need it. The weatherproof enclosure will give people far more options when it comes to where to take this camera, and will help the camera last a lot longer.

The infrared night vision will also help people take the sort of good night pictures that they wouldn’t be able to take otherwise. The memory cards will be able to capture images quickly. Many customers have praised the battery life of the device and its construction. There are going to be cameras on the market that produce pictures with better picture quality, but the picture quality of these photos is still relatively good.

Most hunters and property owners will find that the Reconyx HyperFire HC500 game camera will serve their purposes.

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