The trail camera reviews community consists of some of the most experienced people around when it comes to knowing about trail cameras. We take pride in our knowledge and want to share that information with you. We seek to provide the pros and cons of each camera to help you in deciding which camera is the best for your application.

This community offers a lot of resources on different scouting cameras, camera mounts and bonus information on how to best use these cameras. Included below is a selection of our favorite sites. Please stop by and visit these websites!



It is no surprise that we put OpticsPlanet at the top of our list, although the list was not intended to rank these websites. This site is one of the quintessential websites for outdoor gear – from in-depth reviews of hunting optics to sunglasses. The guys at OpticsPlanet provide detailed information on each camera that they review. Their website rates each camera on a scale of 1 to 5 in 5 different categories and then provide an overall star rating for the camera.

OpticsPlanet’s reviews and unique rating system make it very easy for you to zero in on a camera that will suit your needs. OpticsPlanet is a highly recommended site to visit.



TrailCamPro shares the top of our list for websites on all things game cameras. What I like about their site is the in-depth reviews and detailed buying guides that are available for someone new to scouting cameras. The tech guys at TrailCamPro perform testing in the field and in their test lab on every scouting camera that they sell.

From the actual field tests, the guys at TrailCamPro provide valuable insight on the pros and cons of each camera that they review. TrailCamPro has been around for over half a decade now, and they are the definitive source on game cams.



ChasinGame was started back in 2005 and they provide excellent reviews of all types of cameras including film and digital cameras. ChasinGame conducts actual hands on testing of the camera before a review is written. The test usually last for 24 hours, so with the test results these guys provide genuine feedback on how the camera actually performed.

In addition to the thorough camera reviews that they provide, I like ChasinGame‘s Tips and Tricks page that includes a whole page of helpful information for setting up cameras around your hunting grounds. ChasinGame is an excellent resource for unbiased reviews from knowledgeable folks.


Petersen’s BowHunting

Petersen’s BowHunting website provides head-to-head reviews of the best hunting cameras. Typically, their reviews include the year’s best new cameras being offered by camera manufacturers. With these new cameras, Petersen’s BowHunting puts them through field tests and then provides good information on each camera’s performance. Petersen’s BowHunting website is a sure stop to help you make your decision on which camera to buy.

One thing that I like about website is that they provide reviews submitted by actual consumers of the cameras. These unbiased reviews are incredibly helpful in learning about how a particular camera performs because of the real life experience from someone who is probably not a techie. provides a handy rating system that covers 6 specific categories and then gives an overall rating for each camera. This website is a good place to find helpful reviews from normal everyday people trying to figure out how to use the camera that they just bought.


Top Ten is a subdomain of which provides a wealth of side-by-side comparisons of the top 10 best scouting cameras. The reviews and ratings are broken down into 5 main categories and then broken down again in several subcategories.

There is no other website that I am aware of that provides such an exhaustive list of ratings. is definitely a place to check out when you are looking for a game camera to buy.