Browning Strike Force Trail Cam Review

Browning is a leading manufacturer of firearms and other sporting goods for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. The company is best known for their fine assortment of hunting firearms. They also sell a variety of hunting gear from boots to camouflage clothing. Other outdoor gear the company feature includes hunting knives, gun safes, compound bows, fishing rods, reels, ammunition and game cameras.

Located in the great state of Utah, the company was founded in 1927. Browning has an assortment of trail cameras used by hunters who like to have an idea of what kind of game might be available on their property. The Strike Force is one of the top trail cameras in use today. It is the top favorite of the Browning line of cameras. With its incredible small size and image quality, the camera makes an ideal addiction to any hunter’s inventory of equipment.

The price varies on this camera. It depends entirely on where the purchase is made. Average price range for the camera is in the $120 – $150 range. Most sites sell the camera for $129Trail Cam Review, but one site had a deal for a 2-pack combo for $220. The warranty varies with most giving the standard 1-year. One website offered a unique 2-year warranty on the purchase directly from them.

Browning Trail Cam Review

Trail Cam Review

Rapid-fire mode strikes out most to those looking for a high quality game camera that can deliver up to 6 images at .03 seconds apart in a burst pattern. Each time the camera gets triggered by movement, it will take another set of images. More information about wildlife that inhabits the property can be seen in those images taken by the camera.

The audio feature is extremely useful to the owner because it gives them the opportunity to listen to what is happening in real time during the video. An animal could be in view of the camera but by listening, the chance of hearing more animals in the area could be heard from them walking around in the dry leaves or brush.

This trail camera makes great images without any visible blur in the photographs. Images taken during the night hours do show a lot of white in the background but that might be due to flash or low battery power. It might also be linked to the animal being very close to the camera once the image is taken. All day images show in color while night images are in black and white.

Key Features

· Dimensions at 4.75 x 4.0 x 3.0, this camera easily fits into a large pocket.
· Camouflaged design makes the camera unnoticeable.
· 10 mega-pixel quality.
· Long-life lithium batteries will extend the cameras operating hours significantly.
· One of the fastest trigger speeds around 0.70.
· Recovery time of 2.3 seconds.
· Photo information is included in the shots.
· Detection range may vary from 50 – 70 feet.
· Python cable lock capability.
· Supports up to 32 gig memory cards.
· Audio sound for video.
· Easy setup and mounting.
· Affordable.


No real disadvantages that take away from the quality of this camera can be listed. Overall, the camera is the perfect choice for hunters and others who want to know what is going on around their property.

· Compact size could make the camera easy to lose.
· Video shuts down quickly during night use.

The Verdict

Hunters can’t go wrong on the purchase of Browning trail camerasTrail Cam Review. Based on our extensive list of trail cam reviews, we consider the Browning Strike Force a best trail camera for the money that you will be satisfied with. The affordability of owning one or several of these best trail cameras make buying these models a good decision for all of those outdoor needs.