We have been busy researching to find the best trail camera on the market across several categories. Picking just one camera in each of the categories was difficult because there a lot of top rated trail cameras to choose from. All of the well known name brand companies sell excellent game cameras.

So how can know that you picked the right one? You come to the right place because we have done the work for you. Our in-depth research of the best game cameras available has uncovered the best of the best in each of the categories listed below.

We know that you will find the category that is right for you and find the best trail camera to suit your needs.

What is the Best Trail Camera on the Market

Our list compiles the best of the best in each category.

CameraResolutionFlashDetection RangeUser Rating
Moultrie PANORAMIC 150trail camera reviews8 MPinfrared453.8
Moultrie M-990i Gen 2game camera reviews10 MPinfrared704.2
Stealth Cam STC-G30best game camera8 MPinfrared804.2
Browning Strike Force HDtrail camera reviews10 MPinfrared703.7
Bushnell HD Aggressor No Glow best game camera14 MPinfrared603.6
MOULTRIE M-880i Minigame camera reviews8 MPinfrared50
Stealth Cam GX45NGtrail camera reviews12 MPinfrared70


Best Trail Camera Overall

moultrie game camera

Moultrie Panoramic 150

Moultrie Cameras

Moultrie Game Cameras are the ultimate tool for overseeing and handling areas with populations of big game. Moultrie has earned a reputation for designing easy-to-use models that are extremely durable. For over a decade, Moultrie has been committed to delivering high standards of goods, technical support and customer service.

Moultrie Panoramic 150 Game Camera

For the seasoned hunter or game manager who is seeking to leave the limits of previous wildlife cameras behind, the Panoramic 150 covers a remarkable 150° range of surveillance. A dynamic, silently rotating lens shoots pictures at a rapid-fire rate, allowing for the imaging of game that ordinary cameras would miss. The Moultrie Panoramic 150 has all of the best features that make it our choice as best trail camera overall on the market.


  • Infrared motion sensor with a range of up to 45 ft
  • Programmable motion-detection delay to preserve batteries
  • Panoramic and single-photo mode
  • Hybrid time-lapse or motion-detection capability
  • 1 second reset between images
  • Subtle night illumination and flash

Pros & Cons of the Panoramic 150 Game Camera

The advantages of this model are clear: stunningly crisp and wide-range photos with a nearly non-existent recovery time between snapshots. This model is highly adaptable, providing options to extend batteries and customize images. Lens rotation is completely silent, allowing for non-invasive recording.

The main disadvantage of this model lies within its complexity and array of options. Although easy to use, it may offer too many modes to be useful to casual hunters. Additionally, there is no on-board capability to view images.


This camera is a groundbreaking model. It has earned accolades for its ease of use, stunning photographs and discreet field operation. While possibly too advanced for the common hunter, Moultrie’s Panoramic 150 Game Camera is the future of game photography. When considering camera performance, excellent pictures taken either at night or during the day, the best features and all at an affordable price, the Panoramic 150 is by far the best trail camera overall on the market.

Best Trail Camera for the Money

moultrie game camera

Moultrie M-990i Gen 2

Moultrie Cameras

Often cited by the popular publication of Field and Stream for designing and manufacturing trailblazing cameras, any Moultrie product is recognized as the best trail camera for the money. Customers can expect excellent service, comprehensive technical support and products that are built to last.

Moultrie’s M-990i Gen2

Designed for the modern hunter, the M-990i Gen2 allows for easy photography, aiming and review of photographs right in the field. An on-board, full-color preview screen provides on-the-spot image review. Futuristic LED technology produces a nearly undetectable flash to produce crisp, high-quality images.

Based on our extensive research to find the best trail camera for the money, Moultrie’s M-990i Generation 2 is clearly the best that we found.


  • Infrared motion detection range of up to 50 ft
  • Multi-shot or time-lapse mode
  • Unmatched trigger speed of less than 1 second
  • Multiple image resolution options
  • Audio recording capability
  • Waterproof exterior

Pros & Cons of the M-990i Gen2

The ground-breaking, undetectable flash-illumination capabilities are exceptional in the M-990i Gen2. This camera has one of the fastest trigger speeds on the market. The completely silent operation allows for total camouflage, and memory management options, such as automatic image overwrite, maintains constant space. It is also one of the few models that allows for in-field image viewing.

As technologically-advanced as this camera is, it lacks any wireless connection capabilities. It also does not allow concurrent video recording and image photography. The usage of only SD Class-4 cards may limit some users.


This modern and rugged camera is a fantastic choice for the hunter seeking nearly undetectable surveillance methods. All of the cutting-edge technology is sheathed in a nearly indestructible casing, making this a smart investment for years of use. A quick setup and high-image resolution means hunters will be snapping trophies like champs. The Moultrie M-990i is truly the best trail camera for the money.


Best Cheap Trail Camera

best cheap trail camera

StealthCam G30

StealthCam has shaken up and re-conceptualized the world of wildlife photography and recording. Their dynamic philosophy of creating cameras made specifically for the outdoors enthusiast reinvented up the industry. The community of avid outdoor photographers has made StealthCam one of the most successful wildlife camera manufacturers.

The StealthCam G30

The high-quality construction and design of StealthCam’s G30 model makes it an attractive and durable piece of equipment. While it’s one of their older models, it still has an acceptable range of trigger speed and target detection, while being adaptable to almost any variety of trail terrain and elements imaginable. It is user-friendly and a great starter cam for beginning enthusiasts.

Camera Specifications

Of course, every photographer needs to know the specs of their potential piece of new gear. Here’s the quick run-down of the G30’s most important features:

Dimensions: 5.5″ x 4″ x 2.75″
Battery: 8 qty AA
Trigger Time: 0.79 seconds
Recovery Time: 9.8 seconds
Detection Rang: 60 ft
Flash Range: 70 ft

Pros and Cons of the StealthCam G30

With a good picture range and high quality of captured photos, this is a good all-around, basic camera model. It has a fast trigger speed and long battery life, meaning most targets will be captured. It also has outstanding night picture quality due to its long-range flash. These features help make this camera the best cheap trail camera in our survey.

The drawbacks are few, but include a recovery time is fairly long at nearly 10 seconds, and programming can be complicated. Some blurring of photos occurs randomly.


Overall, the StealthCam G30 is a solid camera, great for beginners or advanced photographers. Dependable and budget-friendly, there’s very few reasons not to employ this camera in your arsenal of trail cams.


Best Trail Camera for Night Pictures

trail camera reviews

Browning Strike Force HD

Browning trail camera reviews offer avid outdoorsmen the opportunity to capture quality pictures of the local game present on a particular property. Browning keeps the customer in mind while designing quality cameras that are built to last. The Browning Strike Force HD was selected as our choice for the best trail camera for night pictures.

The 2014 Browning Strike Force was a very popular camera, and as a result, there has been an extremely high demand level for the 2015 Browning Strike Force HD camera. Several quality improvements have been made on the new version of this camera including better video/picture detection speed, higher quality video resolution, and better picture quality.

Browning Trail Cameras

The Browning Strike Force HD trail cameras are known for their quality, and this particular version of the camera is no different. With a 0.9 mW resting power, 6.12 Ws daytime power consumption, and 7.2 Ws nighttime power consumption, this camera has a very high quality battery life. Taking 75 pictures per day, half during the day and half at night, this camera would last over 4 months without a battery charge. Small, functional buttons are featured on this camera offering the user extreme ease of use at all times.

Browning Strike Force HD Pros

Many different functional pros are associated with this camera including:

  • Notably good battery life
  • Crisp, clear daytime pictures
  • Smooth video quality
  • Good picture and video capture speed

Browning Strike Force HD Cons

As with all items, the Browning Strike Force HD trail camera does have a couple notable cons which include:

  • Long recovery time from picture or video capture
  • No further detection rate that previous models
  • Large video files


Even though there are a couple downfalls for the Browning Strike Force HD trail camera, the pros highly outweigh the cons on this user-friendly, high quality trail camera. Browning has a long history of providing quality trail cameras, and this particular camera is no different. It is best in class for the best trail camera for night pictures.


Best No Glow Trail Camera

game camera reviews

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor


The Bushnell Aggressor HD No-Glow trail camera performs very well with few weaknesses. Bushnell has a long history of making high-performance optical instruments that sports and wildlife enthusiasts swear by, and the Aggressor HD No-Glow carries on this tradition. The Bushnell Aggressor HD is easily the best no glow trail camera on the market.


There are several specifications that affect the usefulness of a trail camera. The trigger speed is the quickness with which the camera takes a picture once its heat and motion detectors have recognized an animal. The recovery time is a measure of how quickly the camera is ready to take another picture.

The detection zone of a camera is the area it covers. The zone will have a width and a depth. Infrared flash is a feature that yields color daytime pictures and black-and-white nighttime pictures while being undetectable by wildlife.

The Best No-Glow Trail Camera

The Bushnell Aggressor HD No-Glow has an impressive list of specs. It is the fastest trail camera available, with a trigger speed of 0.14 seconds and a recovery time of 0.93 seconds. This camera also records video clips of up to 60 seconds.

The detection zone of the camera is a generous 34.8 degrees with a depth of 110 feet. The range of the flash is 50 feet. The camera can be set for automatic start and stop. Its no-glow flash is undetectable by other people, making it less likely to be noticed and stolen.


– Very fast trigger and recovery.
– Long battery life.
– Easy operation.
– Great range.
– Great night pictures.


– Slow video trigger and recovery speeds.
– Unexceptional daytime video quality.
– May overexpose in bright light.


The Bushnell Aggressor HD No Glow trail camera is very fast with a large detection range. It produces high-quality pictures, even at night. The adjustable infrared flash gives the right combination of performance and stealth, and its long battery life keeps the cost of operation down. The Bushnell Aggressor HD is the best no glow trail camera on the market. It would be hard to go wrong with this camera.

Best Infrared Trail Camera

best game camera

Moultrie M-880i Mini

Founded in 1980, Moultrie has been providing hunters with the best trail cameras ever since. Moultrie products aren’t just a flash in the pan, they perform.

Outdoorsmen expect a lot from their equipment. Today’s cameras need to perform in extreme weather conditions and capture clear video and crisp stills in any light. Don’t miss that monster buck because a camera triggers too slow or it’s dark. The Moultrie M-880i Mini will let you score his rack. This is the best infrared trail camera for your money.

This Moultrie is a great choice for anyone who needs an all-around camera. It’s nearly invisible, cloaked in Mossy Oak Bottomland camouflage. The M-880i Mini uses Moultrie’s invisible NO-GLOW infrared flash. It will light subjects seventy feet away, but it won’t spook game. Advanced options reduce motion blur so you get clearer pictures.


The Moultrie M-880i Mini captures a full fifty-degree field of vision. Choose your mode of operation and get the results you want.

When triggered by passive infrared motion detection the camera activates when game breaks a fifty-foot threshold. Users may set the camera to take single pictures, video, or a series of shots. In multi-shot mode, there are options that allow selected time intervals between shots or require that each shot is triggered by detected movement.

Time lapse mode uses a timer to capture shots at selected intervals from ten seconds to twenty-four hours apart. Moultrie’s hybrid mode combines motion-sensing and time lapse capture.

The Moultrie M-880i Mini uses an easy to navigate interface. Control buttons and the LCD screen are backlit making them easy to see at dusk. Your investment is protected from tampering with a five-digit passcode. Choose from photo resolutions of 0.9 MP low, 2.0 MP medium, 4.0 MP high, or the enhanced resolution setting of 8.0 MP. Video options are low VGA 640×480 and High 1280×720. Capture is always in a 16:9 aspect ratio.

The Moultrie M-880i Mini is the best infrared trail camera right out of the box. It comes with everything you need to get started, just add eight AA batteries and a class 4 or better SD/HDSD memory card (up to 32 GB) and you can strap your camera to a tree (using the included nylon mounting strap) and capture the action. The M-880i Mini is compatible with optional Wi-Fi memory cards and 12 volt DC power supplies.


If you want to make poster-sized prints of your photos or take video at fifty below this camera can’t help you. However, most people will find the M-880i Mini is a great investment that will do pretty much everything you need.

Best Trail Camera for Security

Stealth Cam GX45NG

best trail camera for the money

Why a Trail Camera?

Trail game cameras possess infrared night flash, quick response motion detection circuitry as well as human motion detection. Additionally, the ability to transmit captured images to mobile devices and email is an optional feature of some trail game/security cameras.

Manufacturer Overview

Located in Grand Prairie, Texas, Stealth Cam is a subsidiary of GSM Outdoors and the company has set out to reinvent the concept of building superior trail cameras. Rather than piecing together parts to build a game camera, Stealth Cam built their first trail camera from scratch as a complete unit. Stealth Cam has revolutionized the way trail cameras are manufactured. Their cameras are used in hunting, nature enthusiast projects and in security applications.

Stealth Cam GX45NG

The Stealth Cam GX45NG is able to captures still images in the 2 – 12 mp ranges. The camera also supports VGA, 720P, 1080p HD video modes with audio. The GX45NG comes equipped with 45 IR diodes that have an illumination range of up to 100 feet. The extended illumination range in particular makes this suitable for consideration as the best trail camera for security.

Special features of this model include Retina™ technology that evenly disperses infrared illumination, enhancing detail and creating evenly lit night scenes. The Stealth cam also offers Matrix™ Blur Reduction for sharp focus of moving subjects under infrared illumination. The camera also supports Reflex™ which snaps photos in just shy of a half second. The GX45NG also supports burst-mode and time lapse photo capture settings. Power is provided by 12 AA batteries or the external power jack.

Specifications Overview

Supports 12mp / 8mp / 4mp resolution modes
1080P HD Video mode with H.264 Compression
Time Lapse and burst mode settings
2.0″ Color LCD Screen for viewing
Reflex™ Trigger, approximately .4 seconds

GX45NG Pros

Excellent trigger speed
Outstanding day image capture
Attractive case design
Feature packed and easy to program
Long battery life

GX45NG Cons

video recovery latency is not suited to high performance applications
infrared illumination could support further ranges


The GX45NG is a trail camera offering high resolution (up to 12mp) image capture, audio and video and has good night infrared capabilities, making it well suited for hunting, unobtrusive nature capture projects, property surveillance and the best trail camera for security.