Wildlife Camera

A wildlife camera can be a small portable camera that is used in the outdoors in a variety of applications. Sometimes these cameras are referred to by other names such as a:

  • Trail camera
  • Game camera
  • Wildlife camera
  • Scouting camera
  • Hunting camera

Each of these cameras can perform similar functions by capturing images of wildlife in the great outdoors. The features that manufacturers put on these cameras is often the same from camera to camera. The manufacturer make call the cameras by different names in an effort to confuse the consumer into thinking that they may need to buy a separate camera for each application.

A wildlife camera can be used in the same applications as a trail cam or a game cam. A wildlife camera can be placed on a tree or other structure out in the woods in an effort to capture images of wildlife in the area. You may be curious to know what type of wildlife is roaming around on your property at night and how many are coming onto your property.

You can also set-up a wildlife camera near a deer feeder or food plot to catch images of the deer in the area. You can also strategically place a wildlife camera on a tree or pole alongside a known deer trail to capture movements of the deer at night.

A wildlife camera with an infrared flash feature can capture images without use of a bright flash of light. An infrared flash is much better than a bright light flash because the infrared flash will take the image of the deer or other wildlife without disturbing or scaring the animals.

An infrared flash is also helpful in situations when you are trying to catch trespassers. Trespassers will be less likely to see the infrared flash than a bright white light flash.

Wildlife cameras are the same as a trail cam, game cam, scouting cam or hunting camera. Visit our Camera Comparison Guide to select a wildlife camera that will fit your needs.

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